Hire DevOps with customized Kubernetes assessments

Understanding the Uniqueness of Every Tech Stack

Every company operates with its own set of tools, technologies, and challenges. Recognizing this, HDO doesn’t just offer an assessment tool; we offer a solution that molds itself to your specific technology environment. This method allows us to create scenarios that are a mirror reflection of the challenges your team faces daily.

Case Study

QDO, a provider of DevOps services and infrastructure project management, faced a hurdle in hiring the fit Infrastructure Engineers. Their core operational focus is on managing Kubernetes clusters, necessitating QDO’s search for candidates proficient in navigating and administering these environments. A major challenge QDO faced was the lack of market-available technical assessments for Infrastructure Engineers with Kubernetes expertise, complicating the accurate evaluation of candidates’ proficiency in their precise technical landscape.

HDO stepped in with a solution designed to bridge this gap: we created an assessment that accurately mirrored QDO’s needs. The scenario involved networking issues within a cluster, resulting in two microservices losing their ability to communicate, thereby disrupting the flow of traffic distribution. Candidates were tasked with identifying and resolving this disruption, thereby restoring smooth communication between the services. This open-ended problem was crafted to assess candidates on multiple fronts – their technical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and their ability to navigate complex, real-life challenges. This approach immerses candidates in authentic challenges that are tailored to the employer’s needs. It led to hiring individuals who were not only technically proficient but also prepared to tackle the challenges in QDO’s projects.

A key component of HDO’s assessments are the pre-set auto-checks, which significantly accelerated the review of candidates’ work by automatically verifying if the main problem of the assessment was resolved. In the case of QDO, the auto-check was precisely aimed at verifying traffic flow, offering a significant benefit. Instead of indirectly verifying task completion through various indicators, we directly assess whether the system is functional and ensures uninterrupted traffic between the applications. This grants candidates the flexibility to address the issue in any manner they deem appropriate.

Customized Kubernetes assessments to hire DevOps

With just a single, finely-tuned assessment, QDO was able to streamline its hiring process, while setting a clear understanding of both employer and employee’s expectations. As a result, it contributed to higher job satisfaction and retention rate.

Candidates’ feedback indicated that such a technical evaluation set clear expectations of their daily tasks, enhancing the match between the job’s demands and the candidates’ expectations.

The Advantage of HDO’s Customized Approach

  • Realistic Testing for Candidates: No generic assessments. HDO’s custom scenarios allow candidates to engage with problems they will encounter in their role. This realistic testing method provides a more accurate evaluation of how candidates will navigate job-specific challenges.

  • Informed Insight for Employers: As candidates solve problems within these tailor-made scenarios, employers gain insights into their problem-solving skills and approach. This means that when a candidate excels in an HDO assessment, you can be confident they are truly equipped to excel in the role.

  • Transparent Preview for Prospective Employees: For candidates, these assessments offer a clear window into the daily responsibilities and challenges of the role. This level of transparency sets realistic job expectations, which is key to employee satisfaction and retention.

The Win-Win Outcome:

HDO’s approach offers a dual benefit: candidates are better prepared and have a clearer understanding of their potential roles, and employers gain confidence that their new hires are capable of tackling the specific challenges they will face. Explore this with our free trial and experience HDO’s impact on tech recruitment.