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The Challenge of the Past:

At HDO, we are constantly working to improve our platform. However, we recognized a key challenge in our previous system: when our team updated a task it occasionally led to complications in the assessments that incorporated that task. This was particularly problematic if a candidate started an assessment containing the new version of that task. Understanding that candidates take assessments at their own pace, we realized the improtance of ensuring they always work on tasks that are fully prepared and reliable.

What is Task Versioning?

To address these challenges, we are introducing Task Versioning on the HDO platform. This feature marks an improvement in how tasks are managed and updated, ensuring a smoother, more controlled assessment process.

How Task Versioning Works:

Task Versioning ensures that newly updated tasks do not interfere with ongoing assessments. When a task is updated, an “update” button appears next to it. Ongoing assessments continue to use the original version, while the updated task is maintained as a separate draft. This allows clients to decide when to switch to the new version without any disruptions.

Why It’s Better:

  • Thoughtful Application: New task versions are applied intentionally by the admin. This ensures that updates are made with deliberate decision-making, aligning with the specific needs of each assessment.

  • Future-Focused Development: Task Versioning is a key step towards developing a shared library. It allows us to distribute tasks to a broad user base while maintaining the flexibility to update tasks without disrupting ongoing assessments.


Looking Ahead: The introduction of Task Versioning at HDO is more than just an update – it’s a gateway to future growth and collaboration. This feature lays the groundwork for our shared task library, a crucial component for distributing tasks widely and keeping them current. It’s a big leap forward, ensuring we can grow and adapt without risking stability. We’re excited about this development and the many opportunities it opens up for us and our users.