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What is the HDO Library?

The HDO Library is an extensive repository of technical tasks and assignments, thoughtfully curated and housed within our platform. This rich resource is granting companies ease in finding tasks that resonate with their specific operational requirements. HDO Library’s regular updates ensure that users always have access to the latest and most relevant tasks, keeping them at the forefront of industry trends and needs.

Overcoming Past Challenges:

Before the HDO Library, sharing tasks was not just manual but also cumbersome in terms of maintenance. Creating individual copies of tasks for each client meant a significant ongoing effort to keep these copies updated, a process that was resource-intensive for our staff.

The introduction of the HDO Library, combined with Task Versioning, has revolutionized this process. Now, ‘managed’ tasks in the library are updated and made available to all clients simultaneously. This ensures that all clients have access to the most current versions of tasks without the need for manual updates, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Key Benefits of the HDO Library:

  • Streamlined Task Selection and Preparation: The HDO Library acts as a one-stop repository for all technical assessments, simplifying the task selection process. This streamlines test preparation, significantly reducing the time and effort hiring teams would otherwise spend on creating and implementing tasks. It allows teams to direct their focus towards more crucial aspects of the hiring process like candidate engagement and evaluation.

  • Consistent Distribution: HDO can now distribute new tasks to clients quickly and evenly, minimizing disruption.

  • Auto Updates: When tasks are updated, they become immediately available, while ensuring no existing assessments are disrupted.


As we advance in technical hiring, we’re keen to see how HDO transforms your hiring processes. Explore this with our free trial and experience HDO’s impact on tech recruitment. Your feedback is invaluable as we shape the future of tech hiring.